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I’ve noticed that in our culture the term ‘disillusionment’ is considered negative. In my books, in many cases the illusions that a character has about a situation or person are simply incorrect. Thus the use of the term ‘illusion’ is to signify disinformation or deceptions that are believed. I find that characters must deal with a number of assumptions, many of which turn out to be illusions. It is when the character is disillusioned that he or she can move forward and make the best judgments. Thus ‘disillusionment’ is a very positive force and one that we each should embrace.


Authoring, writing, editing and publishing a book (as does living life) necessitates many disillusions. It is the spirit in which I accept those which allowed me to become more than self-absorbed and to look at the world in new ways. My enjoyment of reading is very much enhanced when my assumptions are challenged and the ‘fiction’ forces me to look at the world in a new way. In that way, the characters I share teach me about myself and others, and change my reality.

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