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What Triggered My Writing ‘The Hunter’?

Now a little of how I came to write Pùqest Book 1: The Hunter. I was in a long distance relationship several years ago and as a surprise gift, he wrote a short story (five pages) and sent it to me via email. I liked it a lot but the female character kept niggling at me to correct some of his misperceptions. Well, I did, returned it to him with a continuation of the original short story, and three long books later, I was encouraged to publish the results. I sought advice from a couple who are friends (and prolific authors of more than 50 published books) and their recommendation was to write a much shorter, initial novel to introduce my writing style and set the stage for the much longer trilogy. The Hunter is the fruit of that labor.


As for the story ideas, they come from the characters. I know that many authors get an idea, create an outline to guide the plot and then fill in the details, always knowing exactly where things are going and how it all ends. I create differently. A character, such as Ellíséyan, comes to me and begins to share her tale and it unfolds as I type. I often think that I know where it is leading but most times I am incorrect and surprised by the twists and outcomes. In this regard the initial writing is as much fun as reading another author’s book for the first time.

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