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Power and Sexuality

In this paradigm, that of the USA in the beginning of the 21st century, there is a disconnect between power and survival. I write not of the dynamic in the national-military-corporate-citizen reality, but that of the interaction between the sexes. Our culture eschews the man who controls a woman while idolizing the one who rapes the economic model. Girls are taught to seek boys who are sensitive, yet secretly desire the ones who take them out of control. Boys are taught that their proclivity for dominance is evil and that they must defer.


It is due to this dichotomy between our natures and the requirements of society that dissatisfaction, frustration and depression are rampant. Roles are being foisted upon people without regard to the natural order of things. I am not claiming that all women are submissive nor all men are dominant. Nor am I stating that being one way or the other has any bearing on being good or bad. Any behavior can be used for positive or negative results.


I am strongly attracted to the culture of Nórland due to its acknowledgment of the roles between men and women of the ruling class, the Sékdiset or Blessed. Even with its current (in the story) abuse of power, the responsibilities of the sexes are well defined.


Power without heart by the men is the reason the balance has been corrupted with the result being the lessening of the power of the women and the land. Had the pendulum swung the other way, heart denying power, the land would be rampant and out of control. The objective is the balance of heart and power which results in the greatest good for all.


Rús (Sékdiset) women in Nórland are a primal extension of the land to which they are bound (known as their landbond). Without control, the life of the land and its creatures overwhelms them and they give freely of themselves until they wither away. With over control, the land suffers and is unable to reach its potential. The Lórg (Sékdiset) men in Nórland are connected to the celestial energies. This allows them the ability to dominate the Rús.


The domination of a Rús by a Lórg runs the gamut from nearly nonexistent to total control. When a Lórg does not provide enough guidance, his Rús literally burns her lifeforce at an incredible rate, severely reducing her lifespan. The opposite spectrum shortens her life even more quickly, but it is due to denying her the ability to regenerate from the vibrancy of her landbond. Both of these extremes denies her the ability to conceive or, with a less significant imbalance, carry a pregnancy to kónbir (delivery). It is when power is guided by heart that everyone and everything benefits.


The expression of this culminates in sexuality, the connection of the primal and spiritual. By being dominant the Lórg allows the Rús the freedom to fully express without worry of causing harm because her partner ensures that the energies released did not destroy her.


In our culture, my experience is that I must never completely let go during sexuality because the man has been taught to deny the fullness of his dominance. It is a loss that I keenly feel and hope that someday understanding of the interplay of power and heart will manifest and I can truly be free. Until then, I will be fulfilled within the limitless vistas of my writings.

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