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Stockings… Plesálwer

I’m taking several minutes tonight, after dressing to go out dancing and before leaving the house, to share thoughts about lingerie. When I dance, I prefer to wear a set of underthings, a matching bra, garter belt and thong. Tonight it’s black with hot pink roses. For some reason I am feeling quite the Rús and since I do not own dark red lingerie, this is the best I can do. Hot pink skirt, black heels, and a black velvet top round out the ensemble.


But what I want to talk about are the stockings. They are black and as I donned them, I enjoyed the feel of the stretching over my calves and thighs. However, the beginning was not so easy. So, here’s the question I am asking the ladies. Why is it that every other color, except black, of stocking has a black stripe on the inside of the front of the stocking top? I expect that black stockings would sport the same indicator, perhaps in beige or burgundy.


Maybe it is because black stockings are considered higher class, like plesálwer in Nórland, and they require assistance to be appropriately applied. The main reason why a woman is dressed in plesálwer by others is its presentation. Much like a runway model, to be presented in the best light, others must attach the clothing. The woman is gift wrapped so to speak. With that being the case, maybe I shouldn’t wear black stockings unless I have a friend to dress me. What do you think?

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