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Kudos for Amber Carez!

"Carez has a knack for creating realistic and deep culture and characters. For fans of adventure and fantasy this is a great work of indie writing." --- Christy Stewart • Author of Familiar Scars and Satan Is The New Cupid.

"I am a huge fan of fantasy fiction featuring new worlds, ideas, adventure and of course, an appropriate splash of magic and romance. Ms. Carez did present a tale suited to just this after I gave up worrying on whether I had the right pronunciation of the language used. I felt my frustration with Ellíséyan as her story unfolded and her path crossed with Màrsem in an unexpected way, and the family bond and loyalty she shares with her brother. She can be related to by many as she is considered an 'outcast' in her family. Despite the small frustrations that I encountered, this story was fast-paced, full of action during fighting scenarios, offers a love story and if one notices, a bit of spiritual enlightenment. I did find myself unable to put the book down as I was anxious to see what would happen next. This tale sets up perfectly for the next book to come in a way as I for one was left in suspense in my desire to know more of the main characters trials to encounter.

The down-side of 'Pùqest Book 1: The Hunter" for me was not that the author created a new world of un-ending possibilities, it was the 'created' words (or language) was used often, and a small few were left undefined. A pronunciation key to know how to interpret the words would have helped me, personally to understand how to interpret the words. A handful of sentences had me wondering what was occurring or being expressed. I feel that Ms. Carez may risk others whom could also become confused, or put the tale down and move on. Until I decided just to 'flow' with it and read the language without special attention, other than looking in the glossary when necessary, then I was able to get an understanding of what was being told and enjoyed it. As this story is taking place in another world or planet, I personally would have liked a 'foreword' or similar to perhaps give us, the readers, a clear understanding (Think of Tolkien and preface for the Lord of the Rings.) of the place, history and time era" --- Ann Hauer, Detroit Michigan

"Ms. Carez is onto something here, she's created a world that has taken up some of the real estate in my imagination. Now that I've put my time in, reading about the protocols and history of this place, I am eager for the next installment." --- Kathleen • Benicia, California

"This was really an amazing read. A brand new, fully realized world with a strong story and compelling characters. Richly written in a style that perfectly fits the mood of the tale. You can tell that Ms. Carez has worked out a full history and culture for this world. I would recommend this book to fans of MZB's Darkover and to fans of C J Cherryh. I look forward to Ellíséyan, Màrsem and Lenárt's further adventures." --- Gary • Cumberland, RI

"Carez creates a dynamic and exciting fantasy world that will be sure to suck the reader in. This is defiantly a book for fans of the fantasy genre!" --- Megan Hansen • Illustrator

"This is a fun, quick read! The book... seduces us into experiencing a story... within an unparalleled universe whose science and culture we have not seen before." --- R. Koester

Pùqest Book One: The Hunter.

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