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How Did It Come to This?

Hi! I'm Amber Carez, pronounced 'caress', and I am a writer of fantasy… thus the name of my blog "Amber's Fantasy Caress".


Blogging is something I never considered doing before and I find that sitting down to blog is much scarier than writing a book. However, since my first novel has been published, I realized that I wanted to connect with those also love fantasy fiction and who have read or might read my work. So, here I am, revealing my thoughts rather than those of the characters who share their stories through me. I can pretty much guarantee that the characters will sometimes speak out through my voice and I will attempt to identify that when it happens.


The name of my first published book is Pùqest Book 1: The Hunter and it is available at major booksellers and online venues.


One of the authors who inspires me is Jacqueline Carey with her depiction of Kushiel in the Kushiel’s Legacy series. She showed that a strong woman need not be dominant in the manner of a man.


I will be sharing my thoughts of many fantasy books and I hope to dialog with you. Please send me any questions you might have. What would you like to know?

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