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Thoughts, Feelings and Sharings

Pùqest Book 1: The Hunter

[N] Nórv
[P] Precursor or Court Speech
[S] Sèdarian.

áriklo [P] – energetic space surrounding an individual that embodies the primary, intimate energy of the person.

Auric [P] – Golden, derived from gold, pertaining to an aura.

bòsq [P] – curse word. A small, biting, flying insect which leaves small, festering holes in the skin where it bites.

Brèhar [P] – Hearth, mother, sacred matriarch of a land.

brìsú [P] – yellow.

chàlem [P] – Culinary Head Alchemist Employee (Head Chef).

codúre [N] – 1) set of guidelines for the behavior of a class of people. For example, the codúre for the Rús are commonly referred to as strictures. The Dúr Stírg have their own codúre. 2) procedures and constraints for healings, magical workings and other processes.

còmvò [P] – Voice of Command.

Dúr Gíldis [P] – elite Dúr Stírg – the personal guard of the Regent of Nórv.

Dúr Stírg [P] – Literally, ‘Black Guard’ – elite Nórv fighting force. They serve to protect the Lórg in all things.

Efírmà[P] The planet.

emfàl[P] Empathic sending or reading.

Eteràta [N] – Seasonal celebration held in the third month of winter.

etsóna [P] – term of binding. [literal meaning: It is so.].

farsól [P] – mind-energy-thought reading.

Fàwgrén [P] – God of the wildlands of Lànjdá.

fécbrain [P] – sh*thead, implying someone of weak mind.

fèsol [S] – Lovemaking, all aspects of intimate sexual interactions between two or more.

févráj [N] – The heat of a Lórg’s desire for conflict, analogous to the Sèdarian Battle Rage, granting extended physical abilities.

Jráèl [P] – green.

júcor [P] – justice; the system of justice within Nórland.

Jústirg – justice guard. The position of referee and sacred witness in sèkjúctár.

Klo [P] – Human Spirit, soul.

làlee [P] – Lazy individual who undeservedly assumes superiority.

Lànjdá [P] – The continent of Nórv and Sèdaria.

larùel [N] – Area of governance similar to a state.

lát [P] – white.

látshim [N] – heavy, lát colored, Ice Bear fur coat worn in the far north of Nórland in the winter. It is double sewn bearskin, fur both inside and out and is so named because it blends in with the snowy surroundings.

Lórg [P] – Avatar blessed of Swáta who is an initiated male of the Sékdiset ruling class of Nórland.

lòrn [S] – Musical instrument that is a combination of a sort of one-handed flute and a small guitar.

Né-Lórg [P] – Uninitiated Sékdiset male.

pérsaj [P] – Literally ‘bloodfire’ – a feeling of desire or sensation that cannot be controlled and acts as a conduit for power.

plesálwer [P] – Beautiful, flamboyant, formal party clothing.

pr­émir [P] – Favorite, First.

Prisék [P] – Sacred Priest.

Pùqest [P] – Quest or purpose.

rèsonce [P] – Lifeforce energy, emotional energy.

rèsoncé [P] – Active form of rèsonce. Flow of life energy.

rèsonsán [P] – Energy derived from intimate, sensual sensation.

rèsonsú [P] – Energy derived from intense or excruciating pain.

rèterís [P] –‘Respect’, but it is much deeper than the English word. There is an active component which signifies an ongoing process. Rèterís acknowledges the integrity inherent in one’s actions. Thus, ‘With Rèterís’ signifies the honoring of someone for the sincerity and integrity with which they conduct their life. In essence, it empowers the honoree to be more of what they are.

Rús / rús [P] – 1: A Landbonded woman 2: a rose (flower) 3: dark red, burgundy (color).

secácq [P] – The ritual of tapping of swords by opponents signifying the start of combat.

sèd [P] – South, southern.

Sèk [P] – Sacred.

Sékdiset [P] – Ruling class of Nórland. Literally: ‘Sacred, set apart, and hidden’.

sèkjúctár [N] – sacred duel performed as a religious and social duty.

sépo [P] – psychic foreseeing or vision.

shaggyrús [N] – Red-colored, long-haired cattle. Shaggyrús is the colloquialism commonly employed by the herders.

sóff [P] – pink.

SwáSèk [P] – Sacred practices of Swáta.

Swáta [P] – Primary and Patron God of Nórland.

sýlvra [P] – silver.

tórspir [N] – the unpredictable portion of springtime in Nórv that spawns powerful storms of the same name. Also a Nórv celebration Tórspir.

úqel [P] – A rich violet-blue color.

úslev [N] – Bond servant, only slightly above a slave in status.

váldt [N] – a steep v-shaped cut in a foothill that is narrow at the top and widens as it descends.

vípen [P] – violation, a violent or forceful opening in which something is broken.

vòth [P] – Sacred vow or oath.

xtérkl [P] – single-purpose, temporary band of warriors intent on the swift extermination of a specific target.

yancé [N] – Poisonous berries distilled into a potent stimulant. Overuse results in epileptic fits and seizures.


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